Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

Next Class now forming

Starting in mid- September 2022

Location: live online via Zoom

Offered in collaboration with Mindfulness Midwest

Call Margaret M. McGann at 312-620-7813 or email margaret@mindfulnessmidwest.com to register or for more information.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was developed in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. Over the past 30+ years, thousands of people have completed the evidence-based MBSR course, with many participants finding health benefits in cultivating mindfulness. Mindfulness is a way of living that promotes being present, conscious living, and full participation in the world. Research suggests that developing Mindfulness fosters greater positive psychological states, promotes resilience, and encourages mental well-being.
MBSR may help with:

  • Developing interpersonal communication & relationship skills
  • Coping with career, family, school, financial and relational stress
  • Decreasing the effects of depression, anxiety, worry, and panic
  • Cultivating emotional balance, calmness, and self-compassion
  • Enhancing vitality, resilience, and sense of well-being
  • Improving focus, concentration and information processing
  • Encouraging an active role in developing mind/body health
  • Learning more skillful ways to deal with life’s challenges
  • Decreasing the impact of chronic pain, illness, or conditions related to:
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Headaches
    • Fatigue
    • Sleep disturbances
    • High blood pressure
    • Heart Disease
    • Gastro-intestinal distress, eating challenges

Participants in the MBSR course are asked to commit to the entire eight-week program. Classes meet for two-and-a-half hours each week plus an all-day retreat within the program. Practicing meditation outside of classes is a crucial component of mindfulness training, helping solidify what is learned in class as well as allowing students to gain the most benefit from mindfulness training. The Course incudes: guided audio meditations, a course manual, and 30 hours of in-person group instruction. Sign up now to start cultivating your inner resources and awareness of being present to the richness of everyday living.



“Take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself and the ones that have been told to you.”
― Maya Angelou